Thursday, July 9, 2020

Shanks Gets Out the Vote at SleuthSayers

I invited my fictional character Leopold Longshanks to write about his latest story at SleuthSayers.

The Library of Poisonville at SleuthSayers

I'm a little behind in my filing.  This piece at SleuthSayers talks about one of the inspirations for my story "The Library of Poisonville."

Shanks Gets Out The Vote on the air.

Today I read part of my story "Shanks Gets Out The Vote" on Facebook Live.

Shanks Gets Out The Vote

July Fourth saw the publication of Low Down Dirty Vote 2, featuring "Shanks Gets Out The Vote,
 a sort of sequel to "Shanks Saves the World."

The Library of Poisonville

Very proud to have the cover story (and what a cover) in the July/August issue of Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine, with "The Library of Poisonville."

Worse Than Death

My story "Worse Than Death" appears in Black Cat Mystery Magazine #6, available now.